How to choose a tennis racquet

How To Choose a Tennis Racquet | For Beginners

    The tennis racquet is one of the most important pieces of equipment in tennis. But many people don’t know how to choose a tennis racquet. In this article, we discussed how to choose a tennis racquet. There are many tennis rackets on the market with different features so that choosing the best tennis racket is quite difficult for us. We need to choose a tennis racquet by matching our skills.

    Tennis Racquet Head Size

    First of all we necessary to know which head size is perfect for your tennis racquet. Without understanding tennis racket head size then you will do fault to select a tennis racquet. There are three types of racquet head sizes in tennis are midsize, mid plus, and oversize. Head size is very important in choosing a tennis racquet.

    • Oversize is 105 square inch+
    • Mid plus is 97 to 104 square inch
    • Midsize is 85 to 96 square inch

    Between these three types of head sizes, beginner or learner level players should choose a tennis racquet with an oversize tennis racquet. because they will easily make contact with the ball and learn different shots and skills. Intermediate players can choose a mid plus head size tennis racket to play tennis.

    But we suggest that a moderate to a pro intermediate player then you will choose a tennis racquet mid-plus size, otherwise better to stay in an oversize tennis racket. Now selecting a head size for an advanced player is quite easy they can easily play with a mid-plus and midsize racquet.

    Tennis Racquet Length

    Tennis racquet length players should select by their playing style and comfort. Racquet length range from 27inch to 29 inches. 27-inch tennis racquet is the most used in tennis and 29-inches length is the highest allowed length in the racquet. You can get the advantage of a longer size racquet with more power, higher swing weight, and more reach.

    Tennis Racquet Weight

    Tennis Racquet Weight

    Choose a tennis racquet with perfect weight is also quite challenging for beginner level players. We know that a heavier racquet is more powerful. There are three types of tennis racket weights lightweight, midweight, and heavyweight.

    • The lightweight frame is 255g-274g
    • The midweight frame is 275g-310g
    • 310g or more heavy frame is heavyweight

    A lighter weight frame racquet is best for beginners. Intermediate or moderate can easily play with a midweight racquet. The advanced player usually likes to play with heavier rackets because of power and stability.

    Tennis Racquet Balance

    Tennis Racquet Balance


    Choose a tennis racquet Balance is also very important in a tennis racket, without perfect balance you can’t play a better game with this racquet. You can easily measure your racquet with your finger. Place the racquet on your finger and measure that the racquet does not fall in which position, that’s your balance point.

    If you saw the racquet mass shifted move to the handle then it’s a headlight racquet. Headlight racquet favor to be heavier so it provides increased maneuverability and control. These types of racquets usually used advanced players. Because they are capable to produce power and spin.

    If you saw the racquet mass shifted move to the head then it’s a head-heavy racquet. Head heavy racquet favor to be lighter so you will be benefited by more power and stability and the balanced racquet’s weight is equally allotted throughout.

    • Head heavy racquet balance is 350mm
    • Headlight racquet balance tend 330mm

    Tennis Racquet Stiffness

    Tennis racquet stiffness means how much the racquet bends when it contact with the ball. Most of the tennis racket stiffness tends between 50 and 75. Stiffness is necessary for a racquet because it impacts on racquet’s control, power, and stability.

    A higher stiffness racquet will provide you more power. Besides, a lower stiffness racquet will deliver you more control and improve your feel. Because a flexible frame will bury energy during a swing on the other hand a stiffer racquet will reflect it.

    You need to choose a tennis racquet to consider with other features because very hard to get a racquet with this all things.

    For better know let’s saw the tennis racquet stiffness chart.

              RA figure        Power       Control      Comfort
              Below 65          Low          High          High
                65-69       Medium          Medium       Medium
              70 Above          High           Low           Low

    String Patterns

    Tennis racquet string patterns will be illustrated by two numbers the most common of which out there are 16×19 and 18×20. Also, there is a variation between 16×19 and 18×20 in tennis racquet, and the variation is 16×20 and 18×19 are quite popular. The first number defines to main strings (horizontal) the up and down string.

    The second number refers to crosses strings (vertical) which are side to side strings. There are two types of string patterns are dense and open. Dense string pattern like 18 by 20. These string patterns will have lots of strings within and less space between the strings.

    Dense string patterns are excellent for flat hitters and these string patterns are more durable also consistent in power and control. Denser patterns are quite popular in advanced players. Whereas open string patterns are fewer strings in the racket and bigger spacing between the strings.

    These string patterns are outstanding for power and spin. You can easily hit a topspin shot by open string patterns. We suggest to most of the players 16 by 19 strings pattern when they choose a tennis racquet, because of its spin.

    Grip Size

    Grip Size


    Many people have a question about what grip size should I purchase. Tennis racquet Grip size is very important for tennis racquet because without perfect grip you cant feel comfortable and its an impact on your game. The most common way that people check their grip size by using a ruler or a tape to measure grip size.

    People should choose grip size by their comfort and fit. But we suggest you should choose grip size a little bit lower because when you wrap the overgrips around the racquet then it will suit your game and you will feel comfortable.

    Choosing a Tennis Racquet

    Choosing a tennis racquet

    If you completed reading how to choose a tennis racquet then you can easily pick the right racquet for you. But we also summarized for you. So that you also have clear about the racquet selection. If you don’t understand how to play tennis read this article.

    Choosing the right racket is quite challenging for a beginner player. Beginner players should choose a tennis racquet with an oversize head racquet because of its bigger sweet spot. They will find more power in this size racquet.

    Also, they should select a lightweight racquet because in the beginning time they can’t easily handle a heavier racket. Besides, they also need to choose headlight racquet balance for their racquet.

    The intermediate player almost gains their knowledge in tennis. But choose a tennis racquet also quite difficult for intermediate players. intermediate level players should reduce racquet head size. Also, they need to pick a little more weight racquets.

    When they generate more tennis muscle, they should add more pace to themself. An intermediate player should play with a mid-size with a midweight racquet.

    Advanced players easily can choose a tennis racquet and they can play with midsize, heavyweight, head-heavy, and stiffer tennis rackets. If you don’t hit a perfect serve shot then read our blog section article. If you want to buy a tennis racquet then read the best tennis racquets article.

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