How to play tennis

How To Play Tennis | The Ultimate Guide For Beginners

    Tennis sports are going popular day by day nowadays many people played tennis. But also most people don’t know how to play tennis. In this article, we discuss how to play tennis beginners. Tennis sports also physically beneficial for our health because we use our muscles in tennis games for powerful shots. So let’s discussed how to play tennis.

    What Equipment Necessity to Play Tennis?

    Before play tennis, we need to get some equipment. The tennis equipment is

    Tennis Racquet

    – Tennis Ball

    – Opponent Player

    – Shoes

    – Tennis Clothes

    – Water Pot

    Tennis Racquet

    Tennis racquet

    The racquet is the most important piece of equipment in the tennis game. There are many styles and different brands of racquets on the market. Wilson, Babolat, and Dunlop brands are most common for tennis rackets.

    A larger head size racquet called oversize and the string pattern area called the sweet spot. You should start tennis with an oversize and lightweight racquet it helps you to improve your skill. If confused about selecting a racquet then read our article How to choose a tennis racquet

    Tennis Balls

    Tennis Balls

    You need to buy Balls to play tennis. There are some brands making tennis balls. You can choose any brand’s ball.

    Tennis Clothing to Play Tennis

    When you are playing tennis you should look for your safety. You need to buy Running shoes for playing tennis. When you are going to buy shoes trying to get some foot equipment also. But at the beginning level, you can start with sneakers. Also you necessary to wear comfortable clothes as you like.

    Tennis Court to Play Tennis

    Tennis Court

    Before playing tennis, you need to learn about tennis courts. There are two types of tennis courts indoors and outdoors but all tennis court’s sizes and lines are the same. Well, the Tennis court length is 78ft. Court width is 38ft for doubles and 27ft for singles.

    The net is also an important thing in court. A net is given in the middle of the court. On the sideline, it’s 3ft 6inches and at the center it 3ft. Also in the tennis court, there is a center mark this center mark divides the court.

    You saw many lines on the tennis court all lines have certain names. Let’s try to know about court lines.

    Baseline: The Baseline is a horizontal line, and it is the end of the court line on both sides is called the baseline. Players will serve from the back of the baseline.

    Service line: In the middle of your side court, you will saw a line it’s called the service line. This line identifies whether the service is inside. Every court has two service boxes. 

    Service Box: You need to serve the ball in the service box. If your serve ball going out of the service box once time then you will serve again. But if your serve ball passes the service line two time then your opponent gain point.

    Doubles Sideline: Doubles sideline is the outermost line on the court. This line is used when you are playing doubles and two against two.

    Singles Sideline: When you are playing single, this sideline is the outside boundary of your court.

    Doubles Alley:  This area within singles sideline and double sideline. You can play this area during a doubles match.

    How Count Tennis Scoring

    Tennis Scoring

    Before starting tennis you need to know about how to score in tennis. If you didn’t watch tennis don’t worry we trying to give you some information about the tennis score.

    The points are as follows in-play tennis:

    Zero = Love

    The first point won = 15

    The second point won = 30

    The third point won = 40

    The fourth point is the game

    Now, If you have a tied the score

    Tied = All ( 15All , 30All)

    Deuce: 40-40 score is deuce, You need two consecutive points to win.

    Ad in: When a player won deuce point.

    Ad Out: When a player loses the deuce point.

    Singles Tennis: Singles tennis is when one person plays against one person.

    Doubles Tennis: Doubles tennis consists of 4 players. Doubles tennis is when two-player play against two.

    Rules of Tennis Important for Play Tennis

    There are several sports in the world and if you want to play any sport then before play firstly you must need to know about this sport rules. Now, we are trying to know about tennis rules. Everyone must need to know the tennis rules before play tennis.


    • Tennis game start with a coin toss. The Coin toss winning team will serve first, and they also select which side of the court they want to serve.
    • If you are the server then you should start to serve on the right side of the court.
    • Most of the beginner player does one wrong thing first and that is foot fault. The server must stand behind the baseline till they hitting the ball.
    • If the server missed the first serve in the service box then it will be a fault. They have a chance to serve the second time, but if they missed this second time then it’s called a double fault, and the opponent automatically wins the point. 
    • If your serve hits the net and bounces in the service area then you will able to reserve without any fault. But if your serve hits the net and bounces in the outside area or back to your side then it will a fault.
    • If the receiver hits the served ball before any bouncing, then the server will receive a point.
    • If you serve a ball successfully then the receiver hits the ball, and you again hit the ball this can go on forever until any player gets a point. You will win a point in four ways. First, If you hit an excellent shot that your opponent is not able to hit. Second, you hit a shot and it bounces two times before your opponent hits it. Third, If your opponent hit a shot on the net. Fourth is if your opponent hit a ball and it going out of the playing area then you will get a point. 
    • Tennis points given like this 0, 15, 40, game. When the score of your match is 40-40 Deuce, then you need to win two consecutive points to win the game.
    • To win a set, you need to win six games with differences from two games.

    If you want to know more about tennis rules then read our blog article.

    Types Of Shot Play Tennis

    Types Of Shot In Tennis

    Before starting the game of tennis, you have to know about tennis shots. There eight major shots in tennis every beginner player should learn first. At this point, we trying to discuss these eight tennis shots.

    Serve Shot to play tennis

    We start the tennis match with this shot. Serve shot you have to hit behind the baseline. This is one of the significant strokes in tennis. A serve starts each point in tennis. When you hit a serve shot you have to aim this shot in the opponent’s service box.

    If your serve shot misses the opponent’s service then it will be your first fault. If you also miss this second time then it will be your second fault and your opponent automatically win a point. To hit the serve shot you will be tossing the ball air and jump to hit the shot to the opponent service box. Most of the players attempt to serve shot with enormous power to gain early points.

    Groundstrokes (Forehand and Backhand)

    Groundstrokes (Forehand and Backhand)

    Groundstrokes are one of the most important shots in tennis. There are two main kinds of groundstroke is Forehand and Backhand.

    • Forehand: The forehand is the most important shot in this game of sports. In this shot, we can easily hit the ball with plenty of power. A forehand shot is made by swinging the racquet across one’s body in the direction of where players want to hit the ball. Most of the players want to play this shot but the player needs to be on the right side to play this shot.
    • Backhand: Another groundstroke shot is backhand. There are two types backhand shot two-handed backhand and single-handed backhand. We suggest that if you are a beginner play first you should try to play two-handed backhand. When playing the two-handed backhand you try to grip on the bottom of the racquet with your dominant hand and other hand put it behind the racquet. Single-handed backhand also has the benefit is you can easily reach and move forward with your shot. The backhand is a very difficult shot for beginners.

    Volley Shot to play tennis

    The volley is one of the most necessary shots in tennis. When a player close to the net that time volley is a very offensive aggressive shot to win a point. You can play this shot any place on your side of the court but you need to play it when you close to the net, if you play this shot from the baseline then your opponent easily take advantage to win a point. 

    Overhead Shot to play tennis

    Overhead smash is a very powerful shot in tennis. Players like to strike the shot, this is a shot where the player makes contact with the ball when the ball is above their head, and they hit the ball with plenty of power.

    The overhead shot is one of the toughest shots to return because of this shot’s speed and power.

    Lob Shot to play tennis

    These shot players often play in tennis. It’s a shot that is used to send the ball high in the air and profound into your opponent’s court. Players play this shot to place the ball where the opponent is not. The lob is very difficult to play against tall players.

    Drop shot to play tennis

    Dropshot is a shot if you play this shot perfectly then you can easily win a point. If you want to play this shot then you need to apply a delicate slice to the ball to pass the net. You need to place the ball in your opponent’s court where your opponent could not come to hit the ball.

    Slice shot to play tennis

    The slice shot is a hit as a defensive shot when your opponents take time to react and when your opponents are on the run. When you play this shot perfectly then you find benefit on this shot. You can hit forehand or backhand slice with a single hand. There are two types of slice grip are continental and eastern. The slice shot is very useful to quickly change the speed of the ball to throw off an opponent.

     Racquet Grip

    Racquet Grip


    Without the perfect grip, you cant play better so you need to know about grip. The grip is very essential on your racquet to play tennis. There are three main types of tennis grip are eastern grip, continental grip, and western grip.

    Eastern Grip

    Because of eastern grip comfort, most of the beginner’s players used eastern grip also extensively used with forehands. This grip also very well to hit backhand, volleys, and serves.

    If you are a right-handed player then lay your racquet in onward of you with your left hand and if you are a left-handed player then hold your racquet in front of you with your right hand. Also, rotate your racquet so that the racquet strings vertical to the ground.

    Lay your hand bottom of the racquet handle and place your free hand palm flat on the face of the racquet. Lastly, hold the racquet handle perfectly with your fingers. Try to make your hand like V in the bottom of the racquet handle.

    Continental Grip

    Advanced tennis players used this grip in volleying and serving. Start by making an eastern grip.

    Continental grip either first make your racquet pointing to the 0-degree position. After that, if you are a right-handed player then rotate your racquet to about the 30-degree position and if you are left-handed then rotate your racquet to about the 330-degree position.

    Lastly, hold the racquet handle perfectly with your fingers. Try to make your hand like V in the bottom of the racquet handle and place your index finger on top of the racquet handle.

    Western Grip

    Advanced tennis players mostly used western grip in a forehand shot. This grip is very well in forehand play also good in backhand stroke, serves, and volleys. But we suggest that beginners should avoid this grip because most beginner tennis players feel bad in this grip. It also Starts by making an eastern grip.

    If you are a right-hander then rotate to make your racquet 330-degree position. If you are left-handed then rotate your racquet to a 30-degree position.

    Finally, hold the racquet handle perfectly with your fingers. Try to make your hand like V in the bottom of the racquet handle and place your index finger on top of the racquet handle.

    Why you lose a tennis point

    At this point in the article, let’s know why you lose tennis points.

    • If you fault in two consecutive serves.
    • You failed to return the ball before it bounces two consecutively.
    • If you return the ball before it bounces or lands.
    • If you purposely catch the ball and if you touch the ball two times on your racquet.
    • Before the ball passes the net if you hit it.
    • The ball touches anything you wearing and carrying without a racquet then you lose the point.
    • If the racquet is not your hand but the ball touches the racquet then you lose a point.
    • If you change the racquet shape by using anything when the match is running.
    • When you play a doubles match and you and your partner touch the ball together.
    • If you hit the ball and didn’t pass the net or you hit the ball in the net.
    • Your shot going outside of the outline bounds then you lose the point. 

    If these actions are doing your opponent then you will win a point in the game of tennis match.

    How Many Tennis Tournament In The World

    Tennis Tournament

    In tennis, there are many types of tennis tournaments. We list only five major tennis tournaments.

    1. Australia Open
    2. Wimbledon
    3. US Open
    4. The Indian Wells
    5. French Open

    How to take part in Tennis Tournaments

    The first thing you need to upgrade your skill day by day to get into tournaments. If you join any club then you will find a road of tournaments. But if you are played some competition then you can enter tournaments. 

    If your goal is a tennis tournament then we suggest you that join any club of tennis also keep training under a coach and develop your skill and take part in some district, city, and native areas tournaments.


    Hopefully, you learned in this article how to play tennis. Tennis players and popularity increased day by day. You can upgrade your skill in many ways but the most effective way is practice. We also suggest that if you are a beginner-level player keep practicing and join a club and practice under a skilled full tutor.

    You can also easily generate your skill or tennis knowledge through articles, tennis matches, online videos, and so on. Also, you need to do physical activity daily to build muscle and stamina. So focus your practice to generate muscle and stamina. Stay with us.



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