How To Serve In Tennis

How To Serve In Tennis | 7 Steps Ultimate Guide

    Serve is the most important shot in tennis. If you don’t know how to serve in tennis in perfectly then you are now in the right place. In this article, we discuss how to serve in tennis in 7 steps. A tennis match starts with a serve shot. If you know a proper way to serve, then you will able to take advantage to generate a point in your serve.

    1.Serve Stance

    Many of the players don’t aware of the stance. But stance is also a most essential part of the serve. It helps you in your stability and weight transfer. There are two common stances in the tennis serve, platform and pinpoint stance. 

    Platform stance is that you should keep your feet stay wide throughout the motion, before launching up towards the tennis ball. A lot of professional players used platform stance. In this stance, You will find better balance but you will trouble to generate more power.

    Pinpoint is that you should start with your feet wide and keep your feet are together before you push up towards the tennis ball. In this stance, you will lose balance but you will find more power.



    There many types of grip in tennis. But, we suggest that you should play serve with a continental grip. Most of the tennis players used this grip in serve. In this grip, you will easily add spin to your tennis serve and you can also be capable to add more power by the pronating arm on your serve. Also, you can hit all the different serves slice serve, kick serve, and flat serve in the continental grip.

    Continental grip either first hold your racquet handle with your fingers. Following that try to make your hand like V in the bottom of the racquet handle and place your index finger on top of the racquet handle. Learn about how to choose a tennis racquet in our blog.

    3.Serve Ball Toss

    Serve Ball toss

    Ball toss is very effective in tennis is serve even Roger Federer also said the same things. Without perfect ball toss, you can’t win a point in a serve shot. Most of the beginner players do wrong ball toss in tennis serve. Many of the players throw the ball in the air but it’s wrong. You need to place the ball not throwing. 

    The least ball toss height would be approximately 6 inches. So, if you throw the ball then the ball falls quickly and hard to make contact with the ball and timing. Whereas if you place the ball approximately 6 inches higher than the contact point then that’s going to be ideal.

    When you place the ball you need to hold the ball with your fingers and you place the ball slowly and releasing the ball with your fingers.

    4.Trophy Position

    Trophy Position

    Trophy pose is very essential in the tennis to serve. Because it helps you to ready up your body and you will easily produce power and topspin in your serve. First of all position your body in the serve stance then bends your hitting arm to about a 90-degree angle. 

    Following that drop your hitting arm shoulder and up your opposite hand to toss the ball upward. After that, If you want to use your legs then you should definitely use your legs. Because you will get a lot of energy from your legs. So, bent your knee and jump to hit the ball.

    5.Jump In Tennis Serve 

    After trophy position, you need to jump from the ground to make contact with the ball. Jump is very important because when you jump into your service, you will get more power and accuracy. Many players make a big mistake when they jump for service, they get onto the front foot too early and they toss with weight on the front foot, it’s the wrong way.

    You need to rock back and get weight in your back foot so that you can make your back foot to get ready to jump forward into the toss.



    Pronation is the idea that you take your palm and your forearm and turning it down, whether you are a righty or a lefty you need to turn your palm and forearm down. In serve, pronation helps you to rise power and spin you can generate. Almost all pro tennis players used pronation on their serve.

    Pronation is important in all types of serve slice, kick, and flat serve. If you use the continental grip in tennis serve then you can gain pronation and extra power on the serve.

    7.The Follow Through and Finish Serve

    Follow-through is very effective for serve. Most beginners don’t do follow through in serve. But if you do follow-through in the tennis serve then, you will generate more power, control, and swing in your serve. Most of the right-handed advanced players finished their serve on the left side of the body and left-handed players finished on the right side.

    When you finish the pronation, following that since the ball is on the way, you should relax your body and arm which in the end brings your arm to your left side.

    How many types of tennis serve?

    In the game of tennis, there are three types of serves slice serve, flat serve, and kick serve. In flat serve, you will get more speed and power also you can generate more chances of hitting an ace. When you play kick serve you can generate more consistency and control.

    Kick serve is so effective because of high bounce, you can put an extra spin in this type of tennis serve. Finally, slice serve is very easiest serve in tennis. All players can easily play with slice serve, you can hit the ball with the angle.

    What is foot fault in tennis serve?

    Foot fault is the most common fault in tennis. Most of the beginners do foot fault. Foot fault is when you go out of the baseline with your foot in-service time. So, you need to make full attention to your position otherwise you will lose points. If you want to learn about how to play tennis then read our blog article.

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